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Ladysmith, B.C., Canada
V9G 1W7

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Welcome to Fibreworks Ent. Ltd.

Fibreworks goal is to provide local and distant builders with quality wood products that are second to none for structural and or decorative needs for the d-i-y'er to the large contract builder who needs an alternative supply source to the big box store. Fibreworks works with small sawmills from central Vancouver Island to the Queen Charlottes on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. In some cases we purchase the logs for these mills and have them cut to specifications as necessary to meet the customers needs.

We purchase logs and or process lumber by the piece or the truckload(s) and provide services to liquidate lumber or log inventory on a cost plus or outright purchase basis.

Featured Items (both of Arbutus - Pacifc Madrona)

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Native War Canoe
This is our "native war canoe" 14.5" by 26.5" long spalted book ended laterally.
This is our "E.T.", otherwise a praying mantis 12" by 16" long actually part of grain.